Where to stay in Singapore

Singapore is a city that knows a lot about hosting well and I mean host with style.

There are many luxury hotels in Singapore. I stayed in Rendezvous Hotel and as a happy surprise I received much more than a luxury hotel can offer.

The hotel is strategically located in the heart of Singapore and we managed to do most of our sightseeing just walking. As it is in the center of the main attractions, nothing is too far.

The reception is beautiful. The rooms are big and well decorated, the bed is unforgettable! Everything in the room met our expectation and was really good.

The breakfast is excellent and offers options for every taste. Fruits, cereals, cheese, eggs, pancakes, bread… You can serve from a buffet and you can also order something that you want.

So far so good, that’s what you expect from good hotels, right? But there is something that really impressed me. The hotel offers a VIP Lounge called Cub Rendezvous.

You can also have breakfast there (or in the lobby restaurant as well), you can come there in the afternoon for some fresh juice and nice comfort food and there is also a very nice cocktail with drinks, wine and fingerfood.

Everything served there was delicious and of very good quality and the service is outstanding. In fact, the service is outstanding all over the hotel. Every time, we cross with someone from the staff , they greeted us with a smile and ask some warm question to start conversation and make you feel special. I have seen good service before but I have never felt so welcome and spoiled.

So, to make it clear, I DO RECOMMEND the Rendezvous Hotel. It will surely make you dtay in Singapore happier and more pleasant.

I do recommend, make your reservation on Rendezvous Hotel

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